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  • strength= quick and easy way to select the right sort of people.
    • weakness- likely to be biased as researcher is choosing participants.
      • systematic
        • uses a system to pick participants.
          • strength= participants will hopefully be representative.
            • weakness= only the people on the register stand chance of being selected.
              • snowball
                • research selects one person puts them in touch with other people.
                  • strength= useful for researching.
                    • weakness= very time consuming, only small samples used.
  • ethics
    • morals
      • ethical guidelines= rules about how participants are treated.
        • main ethical issues
          • Debrief participants.
            • get informed consent
              • do not ham or distress participants.
                • Do not deceive participants.
  • research methods
    • primary research
      • firsthand= more likely to be accurate
        • conducting research can be very time consuming and expensive.
          • questionnaires
            • set of written questions.
              • interviews
                • one to one discussion
                  • observations
                    • watching participants
                      • experiments
                        • situations designed to test participants.
                          • secondary research
                            • researchers collect data themseleves
                              • researchers use data collected by someone else
                                • easier, quicker, cheaper to collect a lot of data.
                                  • information is more likely to be biased.
                                    • statistics
                                      • numerical quantitative data.
                                        • media reports, blogs forums
                                          • written reports and commentaries
                                            • Letters, emails, profile page,
                                              • personal correspondence between people.
                                                • research studies
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