Introduction to study society

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  • Study society (UNIT 1 SOCIOLOGY)
    • What is sociology?
      • Society can be defined as a group of people who share culture or a way of life
        • Sociology explores the social factors that shape human behavior and the way society influences our daily lives.
    • Contrasting Sociology to other approaches
      • Sociology and Psychology
        • Psychologists focus on individual behavior. They study topics like mental ilness. Where as sociologists study the social influences on human life. They focus on group behavior rather than individual
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      • Sociology and biology
        • Biologists look for biological causes or characteristics when studying human behavior where as sociologists view behavior as social or cultural rather than biological
      • Sociology and journalsm
        • Journalists research is less thorough and reporting may be one-sided or biased where as sociologists must select and use evidence in a balanced way or their research may be criticized by other sociologists
    • Qualitative and Quantitative data
      • Qualitative data- Information in the form of texts or images, that is rich in description and detail
        • Examples; Shoe size, height and length of your finger nails
      • Quantitative data- Information that is presented as numbers which can be analysed using statistical methods
        • Examples; Sound levels, costs, ages, speed, time
    • Sampling techniques
      • Random sampling
        • This is where each memeber of the sampling frame has a known chance of being selected. Examples of probability sampling include simple, random sampling, systematic sampling and stratified random sampling
          • Non-probability sampling is used when a sampling frame is not available. The sample is not selected randomly so it is unlikely to be representative of the population. Snowball, quota and purposive sampling are examples of non-probability sampling
    • A social survey is an example of primary research method that is usually used to collect quantitative data. These results are usually presented in graphs or tables of statistics.
      • Self-completion postal questionnaires are sent to the respondent by post or email.


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