Study of a historic environment: Cardiff in the 19th century

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  • Study of a historic environment: Urban Cardiff in the 19th century
    • Reasons for the growth and development of Cardiff
      • Building of the Taff railway.
      • Development of the docks.
      • PopulationGrowth.
      • Trade, money and industry
    • Living conditionsCardiff in the 19th century
      • Lack of regulation and planning
      • Poor sanitation
      • Overcrowding and poor health
      • Poor water supply
      • Outbreaks of cholera and typhoid
        • during the summer months of 1849
        • 8th June - committee appointed to manage the outbreak.
        • Dispenseries opened
      • Attempts in improving public health.
        • Dr Henry James Paine
        • investigated typhoid outbreak in Cardiff which resulted in 200 deaths.
        • high death rate was linked to unsanitary conditions
      • Public baths and wash houses
        • 1862 - the Cardiff Baths company opened facilities
          • swimming pools, hot water baths and a Turkish bath.
    • Effectiveness of the attempts to improve public health
      • Changing attitudes towards public health.
        • Cardiff corporation opened public parks.
      • 1866 - Sanitary Act.
      • 1850 - Rammel Report
      • 1848 - Public Health Sct
      • 1846 -Public Baths and Wash Houses Act


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