Studies on the ageing population

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  • Studies on the ageing population
    • Villains by Janet Foster - 1990
      • Found that adults only chose to live a few streets away from their parents and other close relatiives
      • Studied an East End London community - working class
      • Ties were strong between mothers and children
      • Emotional and material support was frequently offered to family members
    • Philipson and Downs (1996) and O'Brien and Jones (1996)
      • Found that children and grandchildren saw elderly relatives on a frequent basis
      • ONS data collected in 2003 found that 61% of grandparents saw their grandchildren once a week
      • Many elderly relatives keep in contact using new technology such as e-mail
    • Ross et all (2006)
      • Found that grandparents spoke positively about becoming a grandparent
      • Tmme was spent together on outings and playing together
      • Taught skills and provided childcare
      • As the grandchildren grew older, relationships centred around talking, giving advice and support


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