Studentification of Swansea

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  • Student-ification of Swansea
    • What is Student-ification?
      • This refers to the phenomenon in which a growing student population move in large numbers to traditionally non-student neighbour-hoods
    • Negatives
      • Decrease house price
      • Antisocial behaviour
      • Can make local communities feel a loss of sense of place
      • Depending on the term time student spending varies making it hard for local business during holidays
      • Increase in noise pollution which causes conflict with locals
    • Positives
      • Increase spending in the local economy during term time
      • Having more highly skilled students in an area increases chance of large companies moving into the area boosting the economy
      • The Swansea students managed to raise 20,000 pounds for charity
      • Students can improve the local creative aspect of the city with music and visual arts
      • More students can make a more culturally diverse community which could attract people of different cultures and bring some variety to the city
    • How is Swansea responding to  studentification?
      • Increase police hours to help reduce antisocial behaviour and noise pollution
      • The university increased student capacity from 3000 to 18000 students without providing enough accommodation
    • Who are the main stakeholders/ players in this issue?
      • Swansea university
        • Not providing enough accommodation
      • Local residence
        • Causing conflict between the students and local residence
      • Students
        • Causing problems in the local community
      • Local businesses
        • Making items more expensive due to having students in the community making it more difficult for locals
      • Landlords
        • Increasing house prices by making rent extremely expensive for students


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