Structures and Roles in Parliament

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  • Structures and Roles In Parliament
    • HOLs
      • Hereditary      /Life peers and Bishops
    • HOCs
      • Elected MPs
    • Bi-cameral
      • 2 houses
      • check up on each other
    • Legislation
      • The process of laws made by the two houses
    • Prime Minster
      • Setting up Gov
      • Directing Gov policy
      • Managing the Cabinet
      • Providing National leadership
      • Controlling Parliament
    • Cabinet
      • Made up of the Secretary of states for each main Gov departments
        • e.g the Treasury, which runs finances
        • e.g the Home Office, which is responsible for protecting the public
        • e.g health, defence and justice, media, schools, business, transport
        • Ministers are their assistants
    • Shadow Cabinet
      • The opposition scrutinise the party in power
    • Executive
      • Makes policy and puts them into practice
        • Civil Service are the permanent branches of a states adminstration
    • Black Rod
      • Looks after Westminster Palace
      • Has ceremonial duties


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