Structure Questionnaires as a Research Method

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  • Structured Interviews
    • Ethical Issues
      • It can uncomfortable or embarrassing to discuss sensitive topics
      • They may lie or decieve researchers creating invalid data
      • Pschological harm
      • Hard to establish a rapport
    • Theoretical Issues
      • Reliability
        • All participants are asked same questions
        • East to obtain similar results as questions are set out in a precise way
      • Validity
        • Close-ended questions cause restriction, invalid picture of the person
        • People may lie or exaggerate producing false data
        • Interpretivist criticism
      • Inflexibility
        • Snapshots
        • Set questions means feelings cannot be exploreed
      • Feminist Viewpoint
        • Graham: They are patriarchal and give distorted, invalid pictures
        • Helps to conceal unequal power relationships between sexes
        • Treat women as isolated individuals
        • Interviewer in control contrasts with women subordination to men
    • Practical Issues
      • Weaknesses
        • Not favoured by interpretivists
        • Cannot reach as many people as questionnaires and mor costly
        • Those with time or willingness to be interviewed may be untypical
      • Strengths
        • Relatively straight forward and cheap training
        • Suitable for gathering factual information
        • High response rate
          • Young et al: out of 987 people asked only 54 people refused to be interviewed
      • Suitable for hypothesis testing


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