structure of the nazi state

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  • Structure of the Nazi state
    • 1.governemnt 2.religon         3.culture and youth      6.terror          7.propaganda
    • government
      • enabling act
      • local government re organized
      • political parties banned
      • hitler  became fuhrer
    • social
      • religon
        • non nazi priests and pastors were sent to concentration camps
        • encouraged people to revive viking myths and ceremonies
        • jews were openly persecuted
        • Riech church no bible or cross
      • culture
        • books by jews were burned publicly
        • artists could draw things that meet up to nazi values
        • homosexuals were presecuted
        • jazz music was banned
    • education and work
      • work
        • national labour service (RAD)
          • young men sent on public works
        • conscription introduced in 1936
          • most men went to the army after RAD
        • German labour front
          • controlled workers conditions at work
        • strength through joy
          • regulated workers leisure time
      • education and youth
        • textbooks were re written to include nazi political and racial ideas
        • non-nazi teachers and professors were sacked
          • must join the national socialist teachers league
        • history was re written to glorify germany
        • concentration on physical fitness
        • girls : cookery boys: science and math
        • youths
          • Nazi girls youth organization : cooking children church
          • hitler youth: compulsry for boys preparing them for war
    • methods of cnotrol
      • terror
        • concentration  camps
        • Nazi peoples court
        • arrests of thousands of people terrified oppnents
        • ** and Gestapo
      • propaganda
        • mass rallies
        • newspapers censored
        • radios sold cheaply and broad cats were controlled
        • films were controlled
        • loud speakers in public blaring nazi propaganda
        • portraits of hitler everywhere to glorify him


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