Structures of Proteins

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  • Structure of Proteins
    • Primary Structure
      • The number and sequence of amino acids in a polypeptide chain
        • Haemoglobin had over 100 amino acids in 4 polypeptide chains
    • Secondary Structure
      • The folding of the polypeptide chains
      • Either alpha-helix or beta-pleated sheet
      • Held together by weak hydrogen bonds
    • Quaternary Structure
      • Only proteins with more than one polypeptide chain have this
      • Haemoglobin has 4 polypeptide chains
      • Collagen has 3 polypeptide chains
    • Tertiary Structure
      • The further folding of polypeptide chains in a protein to give the 3D shape
      • 4 types of bonds between R groups
        • 1. Weak hydrogen bonds
        • 2. Charge R groups? Ionic bonds between the R groups
        • 3. Non-polar R groups? Hydrophobic interactions between R groups
        • 4. Sulfur R groups? Strong disulfide bonds between R groups


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