Structure, Form and Language

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  • Structure, Form and Language
    • Language
      • Imagrey
        • Words and language that congure up a vision of something in your mind.
      • Similies
        • When something is described to be 'like' or 'as' something else.
      • Metaphors
        • When something is described to be something else.
      • Emotive Language
        • Words that sound persuasive and heartfelt.
      • Personification
        • Giving human traits to non living things.
      • Extended Metaphor
        • When something is described to be something else throughout a novel or poem.
      • Lexical Sets
        • A group of words with the same topic.
      • Connotation
        • The suggestive meaning of a word.
    • Structure
      • How the stanzas are arranged.
      • How the rhyme supports the meaning.
      • How the rhythm supports the meaning.
    • Form
      • The type of poem.
      • Voice/ personal/ character
      • Tone
        • The authors attitude.
      • Sounds
        • Assonance
          • Words that repeat vowels.
        • Connsonance
          • Words that repeat consonants
        • Discordant
          • Harsh sounding words.
        • Euphonic
          • Pleasent sounding words.
        • Sibilance
          • Words that make a hissing sound, such as 's' or 'sh'
        • Alliteration
          • The repetition of the first letter of a word that is a consonance.
      • Lyrical qualities
      • Long/ short verb.


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