What is Structure and Form?

Quick description and examples of structure and form points

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  • Structure and Form Explained
    • FORM: All the 'ingredients' that writers of a particular genre use to create a recognisable work of literature.
      • When thinking about a text, these are the characteristic features that are shared. Form includes...
        • Use of settings
        • Use of time
        • genre features- biography, diary, letter, romance, science fiction
        • Point of View
        • Narrative techniques
    • STRUCTURE:  The techniques writers use to shape their ideas into a coherent whole. The way the text is structured is not accidental but it is carefully designed to shape the way the reader thinks about the characters, events and themes of the text.
      • Structural features include...
        • The ways that chapters, stanzas, acts progress
        • Time- chronological/linear or non-chronological
        • Sequence of events
        • contrast
        • shape
        • Rhythm and Rhyme
        • Sentence structure
        • punctuation
        • Grammar
        • repetition
        • juxtaposition
        • settings
        • Characters


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