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  • Structure and distribution of vascular tissue
    • vascular bundle made up of 2 main tissues- xylem & phloem
      • in stems, xylemarranged in vascular bundlesthat are placed in a ring at periphery-gives flexible support & reisitance to bending strain
      • in leaves, arrangement of vascular tissues in the midrib and networkof veins also gives strangth and resistance to tearing tissues
    • Structure of xylem
      • main cell types in xylem = vessels & tracheids
        • Vessels & tracheids form a system of tubes through which water can  travel
          • As they mature & differentiate, their cellulose cell walls incorporate lignin, which is a very hard, strong substance
            • As it builds up around the cell, the contentsdie, leaving an empty space inside
            • end walls break down - cells form continuous tube


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