structure of heart

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  • structure of the heart
    • systemic system: around the body
    • pulmonary system: to and from the lungs
    • right side: receives blood returning from tissues
      • sends it to lungs to drop off CO2
    • left side:  receives oxygenated blood from lungs
      • sends it off round the body to tissues
    • myogenic: beat automatically without stimulation of nerves
    • 2 atria & 2 ventricles
    • opening between atria & ventricle
      • = valve that prevents back flow
      • right side is called tricuspid valve
      • left side is called mitral valve
    • on right atria = superior and inferior vena cava
      • 2 large veins = bring blood back from tissues
    • on top of right ventricle = pulmonary artery
      • branch going to each lung
    • left side: pulmonary veins
      • return blood to left atria  from lungs
    • aorta: takes blood from left ventricle to rest of body
    • coronary arteries: takes blood from aorta to heart
      • if disrupted = heart problems ( angina & heart attack)


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