structure of the bone

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  • structure of the bone
    • has a shaft of compact bone
      • enlarged spongy ends
        • in thin irregular sheets
          • = trabeculae
      • underneath is growth plates
        • responsible for bone growth
    • centre of bone shaft
      • = bone marrow
        • site of blood cell production
          • stem cells are found here
            • stem cells can develop into any types of cells
    • ends of the bones are covered in cartilage
      • acts as a protective layer
    • collagen and chondrin
      • give bones elasticity
      • proteins
    • osteoblasts gradually invade cartilage
      • depositing mineral salts
        • e.g calcium phosphate
        • once depositing minerals
          • osteoclasts become osteocytes
            • osteocytes- help maintain bone as it grows
      • happens of the early skeleton
    • osteoclast
      • removes bone
        • uses enzymes to dissolve bone salts
          • occurs when we take up a new physical activity
      • work with osteoblasts to re sculpt skelteton
        • osteoblasts and osteoclasts
          • bone forming and bone removing cells
          • work in harmony
    • osteoblasts are influenced by oestrogen levels
      • female hormone promotes activity of osteoblasts
      • when levels drop
        • balance swings in favour of oesteoclasts
          • bone becomes thinner and more like honeycomb
        • bone becomes more brittle
          • can result in osteoporosis


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