Structure of the Ancien Regime

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  • Structure of Ancien Regime
    • Royal Govt (absolute monarchy
      • Head of govt = King, then ministers and advisors
        • advisors worked against each other not collectively
      • King responsible to God alone; DIVINE RIGHT
      • Louis had no strong, posiitve character; weak and indecisive
    • Limitations to power
      • Kings bound to laws and customs
        • Assembly of Clergy who King can't interfere w
      • King consulted Council; lots of power in elite few
      • Controller General = Finances
      • Mary Antionette! unpopular, debts grew due to gambling  and extravagance etc
    • Taxation system
      • Chaotic and inefficient
      • Guilds = organisation that controls entry into trade
      • Venality = sale/purchase of certain jobs w can be inherited
      • Corruption and wastage was vast
      • Turgot tried to abolish guilds and corvee... opposed by parlement
      • Crown was bankrupt, had to keep borrowing
        • Weak and vulnerable


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