Structure and functions of the xylem and Phloem

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  • Structure and function of the Xylem and Phloem
    • Xylem
      • Non living tissue
      • Several types of cells fusing together
    • Transport of water and mineral ions and support
    • Parenchyma packs store food
    • Lignified cells provide mechanical strength
      • Prevents water leaving
      • Pits unlignified- water leaves
    • Phloem
      • Living cells
    • Transports food in form of living solutes.
      • Sugars and amino acids needed for cellular respiration
    • Main transporting
      • Sieve tube- joined end to end
      • Not lignified
    • Sieve plates- let phloem contents flow through
    • Companion cells
      • Join with sieve
      • Life support cells


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