An Inspector Calls - Structure and Form

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  • An Inspector Calls: Form & Structure
    • Form
      • Well-made play
        • popular dramatic genre from 19th century
          • intricate and complex plot which builds to a climax
        • takes place in real time
      • Morality play
        • popular during the 15th century
        • sought to teach the audience lessons on 7 deadly sins:
          • lust
          • gluttony
          • greed
          • sloth
          • wrath
          • envy
          • pride
        • AIC is morality play as all characters commit crimes similar to 7 sins
      • crime thriller
        • gripping tale based around a crime
          • audience receives clues as to who it is
    • structure
      • written in three acts
      • final climax and plot twist
        • keeps the audience interested
      • cliff hangers
        • keeps the audience interested
      • twist ending
        • leaves the audience with unanswered questions making them think
    • stage directions
      • help to set the scene and create a better image for the audience
    • short play
      • audience remember the message conveyed
      • so the audience don't get bored
        • audience remember the message conveyed


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