Structural & Action Giddens

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  • Structural and Action
    • Voluntaristic and Deterministic
      • Structural= deterministic and Action= Voluntaristic
    • Giddens; Structuration theory
      • says that structural and action theories surrounding structure and action can combine into onw unified theory. he says neityher one can exsist wihtout the other!
      • For example if you take language, their are rules of grammer whihc people need to abide by such as grammar otherwise you will not wb understood.
        • On the other hand structure depends on action- language would not exist if people did not sue it! also people change meanings of language therefore it is not fully controlled or structured
    • Giddens implies you can simply change structures by deiciding to do so
      • Craib; Giddens Structurationtheory doe'snt really explain what happens in society just describes the sort of rules we will find in society!


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