Strong and Weak Acids-C5

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  • Strong and weak acids
    • In water, acid molecules ionise
      • Hydrogen atoms- ions, H+
    • HCL ionises completely, CH3COOH partly ionises
      • Weaker acid- fewer collisions, reaction is slow
    • High concentration= low pH
      • Low concentration= high pH
      • HCL---> H+ + Cl- - high concentration, low pH
    • pH is higher for ethanoic acid
      • Less conductive, lower concentration of H+ ions
    • A concentrated solution of weak acid still has a low concentration of H+ ions
    • Strength- how much an acid ionises
    • Electrolysis
      • Weak acids conduct worse than strong acids
      • Same volume of gas produced if the same reactants are used
      • More molecules of acid will ionise, producing more H+ ions
      • The amount of product formed will produce ions at the end, even if using a strong or weak acid


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