String Quartet in Eb: 'The Joke' 

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  • String Quartet in Eb: 'The Joke'
    • Texture
      • Mainly 4-part texture: each instrument is independent
      • 3-part texture in the second phrase of the refrain e.g. bars 3-4
      • Homophonic with occasional chordal movements where all parts share the same rhythm e.g.bars 139-140
      • Melody-dominated  homophony. Violin I melody dominates while the other parts accompany
      • Bars 112-116, the other parts take up the melody that violin I played in the previous bars
    • Structure
      • Rondo form
        • Section A, bars 0-36, the refrain(with repeats). Bars 71-107 the refrain, again. Bars 140-172 (substantially altered)
        • Section B, Bars 36-70 Episode
        • Section C, Bars 107-141 Episode
    • Melody
      • Periodic phrasing - first 8 bars the phrasing is 2+2+4 which is a classical phrase structure
      • Scale and arpeggio patterns - bars 17-21
      • Echappee - escape note. Bar 1 in Violin I.
    • Harmony
      • Functional harmony
      • Frequent use of tonic and dominant chords e.g. the opening phrase uses chords I - V - I
      • Extended dominent pedals e.g. Bars 16-28 in the bass line.
      • Harmonic sequences- ascending and descending, e.g.59-61
    • Tonality
      • Each section is firmly based on the tonic key (Eb major).
      • Bars 37-47 in sub-dominant(Ab major)
      • Bars 48-53 in supertonic minor(F minor)
      • Bars 64-68 in the dominant(Bb major)


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