Stress-related illness and the immune system

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  • Stress-related illness and the immune system
  • Kiecolt-Glaser
    • matched participants design, recruited by advert in newspaper (voluntary)
    • 13 women aged 47-81yrs (experimental group), 13 matched carers (control group)
    • pp's given a 'punch-biopsy' (cut of 3.5mm just below elbow), wounds were dressed and treated by nurse
    • researchers also assessed levels of cytokines
    • pp's given a 10-item perceived stress scale to check how stressed they were
    • complete wound-healing took an avg. of 9 days longer in carers than control group
    • cytokine levels were lower in carers than control group
    • carers indicated (on scale) that they were feeling more stressed
    • Evaluation
      • + supports the view that chronic stress depresses the functioning of the immune system
      • - only women aged 47-81yrs used, not representative of whole population
      • - high ethical issues (protection from harm)


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