Stress pathways flow chart

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  • Stress Pathways
  • Pituitary adrenal
    • Hypothalamus
      • Stimulates
        • pituitary gland
          • secretes
            • ACTH
              • stimulates
                • Adrenal glands
                  • Produce
                    • Cortiseroids
                      • Enables the body to maintain steady supplies of blood sugar
                      • Adequate and steady blood sugar levels help person to cope with prolonged stressor, and helps the body to return to normal
  • Sympatho-medulary
    • Hypothalamus
      • Activates
        • Adrenal medulla
          • secretes
            • Adrenaline
              • Arouses
                • Sympathetic nervous system
              • Gets body ready for fight or flight response
              • physiological reaction includes heart rate
              • Adrenaline creates changes in the body such as decreases
              • increases (sweating, increased pulse and blood pressure).
          • Part of the autonomic nervous system


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