Psychology AQA Unit 2 Stress - Daily hassles

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  • Stress: Daily Hassles
    • "Any idiot can handle a crisis. It's the day to day living that wears you down" - Chekhov
    • Daily hassles are the relatively minor events that occur in day to day living, e.g: homework, traffic, embarrassment, etc
    • Research suggests that the effects of daily hassles can be offset by positive events called 'daily uplifts'
      • Gervais (2005) - found that nurses reported more uplifts than hassles in their work
      • Lazarus - designed a Hassles Scale containing 117 items. he later added an uplifts scale with 135 items
      • Kanner - found that scores on the Hassles Scale correlated with anxiety, depression and health problems
      • Delongis - found that the correlation for daily hassles and health problems was greater than for life events and health problems
      • Ruffin - found similar evidence to Delongis in research in Australia
      • Bouteyre - found evidence of stress illness in french first year uni students who found it difficult to handle life away from home
    • The daily build up of minor stressors produce long term, chronic, bodily response.
      • Long-term increases the heart rate & blood pressure which are damaging to the cadio-vascular system
        • This causes the thymus gland to shrink and causes immuno-suppression
    • Evaluation: cultural differences - where the cultural norm is based on social help and strong community involvement


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