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  • Stresemann
    • August 1923
      • Stresemann became Chancellor, then Foreign Minister
      • Believed German'ys best chance for recovery came from wroking with other countries
    • September 1923
      • Ordered for Ruhr workers to return to work
    • 1924
      • Accepted Dawes Plan
        • USA lends money to Germany
        • Germany pays back Britain and France in reparations
        • Britain and France to pay back debts to USA
        • Introduced the Rentenmark to stabilise currency
    • 1925
      • French and Belgian troops left the Ruhr
      • Won the Nobel Peace Prize for efforts in his field
    • 1926
      • Germany joined the League of Nations and became one of the permanent members
    • 1928
      • Signed the Kellog-Briand pact (not use violence to settle disputes)
    • 1929
      • Young Plan replaced Dawes plan
        • Reparations reduced to 3/4 of the amount
        • Given 29 years to pay
      • Stresemann died in October just before the Wall Street Crash


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