Strengths of the Tsar

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  • Strengths of the Tsar in 1913
    • The Peasants loved the Tsar as ‘their father’, and revered him as empowered from God
    • The church was powerful and supported the Romanov government.
    • Government and the army were controlled by the nobles and supported the government, which used the Cossacks to put down protests
    • The secret police (Okhrana) and press censorship.
    • the 'Rights' (called by Lenin 'the Black Hundreds') - deputies who so supported the Tsar that they wanted to abolish the Duma and restore autocracy.
    • the 'Octobrists'were supporters of the Tsar who did not want to go so far as to restore autocracy, but wanted him to keep to the October manifesto.
    • The Romanov dynasty had ruled since 1613, the 300th celebrations made the Tsar very popular


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