Strengths of the Multi-store Model

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  • Strengths of the multi-store model
    • Lots of evidence to support concept of 3 seperate stores
      • Glanzer and Cunitz
        • Gave participants list of 20 words and asked them to recall as many as they could
        • Participants remembered words at start of list (primary effect) and words at end (secondary effect)
        • primary effect occurs because those words have been rehearsed the most and are now in LTM
        • The secondary effect occurs because those words are still in STM when they are recalled
    • Gives an accurate account of memory in terms of structure and process
      • Structures = Sensory, STM and LTM
      • Processes = maintenance and elaborative rehearsal
    • Has predictive and scientific validity
      • can be tested and those expts. then repeated
        • illustrating reliability
      • Majority of the studies conducted were lab expts.
        • highly controlled = no extraneous variables
        • only IV was acting on the DV
          • establishing cause and effect


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