Strengths - War and Peace Essay Mindmap

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  • Strengths: Involvement in War
  • Strengths: Involvement in War
    • Sufficient Reasons for going to War
      • To combat selfishness and greed
      • Rivalry over land
        • E.g. Hitler's intentions during WWII
      • Need for resorces
      • National Pride
      • Hatreds and grievances
    • Strengths of Just War Theory - STRENGTH: allows authorities to closely monitor warfare in accordance with criteria.
      • Jus ad bellum
        • Calculated and considered pre- war
        • Reinforces the idea that war is the last resort
          • Governmens are forced to communicate well
      • Jus in bello
        • Conduct is always considered
        • Concerned for the protection of innocent civilians
      • Jus Post Bellum
        • Restoring human rights
    • Religious References
      • Old Testament
        • David and Goliath: 'lesser of two evils.'
        • The Crusades- Muslims vs Christians
        • 'An eye for an eye; a tooth for a tooth.'
      • New Testament
        • Jesus fought in the temple against the gamblers and vendors
          • He considered this a just cause and so we can allude that wars to protect God's position are justified.
          • We should model ourselves on Jesus


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