Strengths of the UK constitution

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  • Strengths of the UK constitution
    • It is flexible and adaptable, meaning it can be changed to react to changing circumstances.
      • Seen in May 2010 election, because there were no fixed constitutional rules to deal with an indecisive result.
        • Thus, Gus O'Donnell (cabinet secretary) drew up draft measures for a hung Parliament.
    • It contains traditional elements.
      • This includes the HOL and Monarchy.
      • This helps to maintain public support for the system.
    • It ensures that Parliament and Govt can act decisively.
      • This is because they are not restricted by excessive constitutional restraints.
    • It is highly traditional and has stood the test of time.
      • The UK has never suffered a violent revolution or political unrest since the Civil War (17th Century).
        • This indicates that the constitution has enduring qualities.


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