Strengths and Weaknesses of NML

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  • Strengths and Weaknesses of NML
    • Strengths
      • 1
        • John Waters states that NML offers a foundational, universal and absolute approach to ethics.
          • Simple, equal and clear
      • 3
        • Provides an ethical system for someone during an era where the individual is left in a 'sea of limitless choice'.
          • Telling people that they're morally free doesn't help them; they need the 'anchor' of an unchanging and therefore clear ethical system.
      • 5
        • It gives guidance on day-to-day questions of how to live and links them to the fundamental principles of life.
      • 7
        • NML enables people to establish common rules to structure society.
          • Gives clear rules for all people.
      • 9
        • Adaptable
          • John Finnis made a theory of NML that didn't need the exiatnce of God.
    • Weaknesses
      • 2
        • Aquinas could be wrong about his primary precenpts or his definition of human purpose that the theory hinges on.
      • 4
        • Fletcher claims that moraly systems like NML amounts to legalist nonsense and should be replaced by an ethic of Christian love.
      • 6
        • Karl Barth thought NML relied too much on reason and not the Bible.
      • 8
        • Aquinas assumed it was natural for all humans to worship God.
          • Eg. that is not a natural assumption of an atheist.
      • 10
        • The idea that we all share common human nature desgined by God has lef to questionable claims about humans' sexual nature.
          • Eg. Homosexuals don't fit into Aquinas' purpose of humanity.


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