Strengths and Weaknesses

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  • Strengths vs Weaknesses
    • Experimental Designs
      • Repeated Measures
        • Fewer participants need to be recruited, saving time and money.
        • Comparing ‘like with like’ so differences aren’t due individual differences between participants
        • Participants may work out the independent variable and change their behaviour (demand characteristics).
        •  The task may need to be changed between participants due to extraneous variables.
        • Participants may behave/perform worse on the second condition due to boredom or fatigue (tiredness) effect.
        • Participants may perform better due to practice effects.titled
      • Independent Measures
        • Same task can be used in both conditions as participants won’t be familiar with it. 
        • More participants need to be recruited as they cannot be used more than once per condition
        • Differences between conditions could be due to participant vaiable.
    • Sampling Methods
      • RANDOM
        • Likely to give a representative sample.
        • No bias
        • Certain types of people are over-represented and others are under-represented or missing from the sample.
      • Opportunity
        • Quick and convenient compared to random sampling
        • Tends to be biased and unrepresentative
      • Self selective
        • Not much effort has to be put in it.
        • Full consent.
        • Biased
        • Ø Types of people are more likely to volunteer.
        • Over-represented in the sample
    • Observation


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