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  • Strength adaptations
    • Increased recruitment of motor units and FG and FOG
      • increased force of contraction
      • improved co-ordination and simultaneousstimulation of motor units
    • Decreased inhibition of the stretch reflex
      • increased force of contraction from agonist
        • decreased inhibition from antagonist
          • increased stretch of antagonist
    • Muscle hypertrophy
      • increased force of contraction
        • maximim and explosive training= increase size of FG
          • Strength endurance= increase FOG
    • Increased number and size of contractile proteins and myofibrils
      • increased number and thickness of actin myosin filaments and cross bridges
      • increase protein synthesis
    • increased strength of tendons and ligaments
      • increase joint stability
        • decrease risk of injury
    • increase bone density and mass
      • increased absorption of calcium
      • decrease risk of osteoporosis
    • increased ATP, phosphocreatine and glycogen stores
      • increased capacity for alactic energy production
        • increased energy for speed and power activities
    • increased enzyme activity
      • increased efficiency of anaerobic energy production
        • reduce onset fatigue
    • increased buffering capacity
      • increased tolerance and removal of lactic acid
      • delay OBLA
      • Increased anaerobic threshold


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