Managing population growth

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  • Strategies to manage rapid population growth
    • Social
      • Services- to support and cope with a growing population, services such as hospitals and healthcare and maintained and available for everyone.
      • Food/ resource shortage - Food/ resources will be in high demand and can lead to food shortage. The government can target this by keeping food reserves.
      • Housing - when the population rapidly grows it can lead to overcrowding in densely populated areas resulting in the spread of disease and putting strain on services. Governments can manage this by providing more houses.
    • Economic
      • Jobs - Rapid population growth will lead to a shortage of jobs and can result in economic crisis. This can be managed by providing more jobs to lessen the strain on services.
    • Political
      • Birth control policies -  Policies for contraception and birth control can also be put in place to lower the rate of natural increase and population growth.


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