Strategies to improve memory

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  • Strategies to improve memory
    • Practice
      • continually performing a skill will help you to be able to know how it should feel
        • this is rehearsal and helps make info in LTM fairly permanent
    • Chaining
      • involves breaking a complex action down into a series of simpler actions
        • these simpler actions may then be linked together to form a chain of actions that forms the whole complex action
    • Mental rehearsal
      • 'running through' a performance in one's mind
      • mental rehearsal has an important role in the acquiring of skill
      • it is often used by elite performers to control arousal
      • mental rehearsal can be used to practise when the performer is unable to undertake physical practice
      • can be used to reduce psychological refractory period
      • imagery can be used to help develop confidence
    • Chunking


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