Discuss the use of the “Strange Situation” in attachment research

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  • Strange situation
    • Aim: : To see are there different types of attachment
    • The research was donne by Ainsworth
    • 100 middle class American mothers with children
      • Small sample size as only it was 100 mothers which can not be applied to population
      • Cultural bias as it was donne in America so the research can only be applied to Western cultures
      • No individual differences were taken into account as some babies could be easy to warm up so they were easier to attach to mothers
    • Laboratory experiment as the mothers and babies were observed in a room
      • It's weakness is that it lacks ecological validity so they may loss a sense of a natural environment
    • Observed in 8 stages which were mum and baby entering the room, mother responses if baby needs attention, stranger goes to room, mum leaves the room, mum enters the room  while the stranger leaves , than mother leaves , stranger enters ,mum returns
    • 4 Specific behavioral : 1. Willingness to explore 2. Anxiety with stranger 3. Anxiety when mum leaves 4. Reunion with mum
      • Mothers could show demand characteristicsbecause they are aware that they are observed
    • Findings - 3 types- Insecure avoidant (A), Insecure resistant (C), Secure Type (B)
      • Findings were based on a subjective opinion which can't be taken into account


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