I Daniel Blake

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  • I Daniel Blake
    • Production
      • Directed by Ken Loach
      • Produced by Sixtenne films, British Film institute, Why not productions, Wild bunch, BBC Films
      • Distributed by eOne Films
        • Horizontal integration
      • Released 13 may, 2016 at Cannes Film festival and released 21 October 2016 to the UK
    • Social Media
      • I Daniel Blake have their own twitter page called @idanielblake
      • Ken Loach did chats shows to promote the film, but his main motive was to open up people eyes to the poverty in the UK
    • Context
      • Film reflects Poverty in the UK, which shows a struggling man who is denied employment and spport allowance. And shows how even what he is going through still helps aa struggling single mother
      • Shows Social Realism
    • Audience
      • Social Realism films normally have quiet a niche audience
        • its a unique film so did interest different audiences that werent aware of the social issues
        • there was no star appeal as the aim was to keep a low budget , this wouldt attract


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