Storm on the Island

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  • Storm on the Island
    • Direct Address "We are prepared: we build our houses squat"
      • People are confident about how their house is
      • It sounds like a motivated war speech
      • 'We'- the weather unites them
      • 'We'- an air of arrogance as if they can overpower the weather
      • Dramatic irony- false sense of hope in the people
      • The people seem patriotic in defending their island- ongoing fight
      • They are 'prepared', but ironically they don't know how powerful the wind is
      • The rhythm sounds like soldiers marching together
      • The island is 'exclusive' to them- isolated community
    • Simile "The very windows, spits like a tame cat"
      • The 'windows' are like mouths- spitting- no respect
      • 'spitting'- can also represent their frustration or the anger of the storm
      • The people are usually, quiet, but now 'spitting'- no longer 'tame' like a cat
      • The storm is 'taming' the people
      • Their eyes are the windows/ soul- attacked/ blinded by the storm
      • The people were comfortable/ pampered like a tamed cat- but know under threat
      • Cat- represents the storm itself placid/ vicious- quick reaction
      • The storm is like the cat- it feeds off the 'sins' of the people who take nature for granted
    • Metaphor "The wizened earth had never troubled us"
      • 'Wizened'- misleading because the storm takes revenge on them
      • 'Had'- the earth has rebelled unexpectedly shocks them. reminds us how we abuse the earth's resources and expect no retribution
      • 'Wizened'- old/ frail or it can representnknowledge. For old/ frail-vthey don't respect it. If it represents intelligence- they underestimate it.
      • The earth,if old, remembers all their crimes and uses them to punish them.
      • 'Wizened'- links humans/ mature- humans age etc, but also acts as a contrast- nature is the enemy
    • Oxymoron "Strange, it is a huge nothing that we fear"
      • Connects the start/end- following the vicious attack, they now say its 'nothing'
      • The wind can attack them, but they cant stop it and it will eventually destroy all their protection


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