Storm on the Island

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  • Storm on the Island
    • Form
      • Blank verse
      • Conversational tone
      • Dramatic monologue
      • One stanza
    • Structure
      • Shift from security to fear
      • Familiar things become frightening
    • Context
      • Northern Ireland
      • Wrote about childhood, nature and his homeland
    • Quotes
      • "We are prepared: we build our houses squat"
      • "the sea is company/Exploding comfortably"
      • "spits like a tame cat/Turned savage"
      • "wind dives/And strafes invisibly"
      • "We are bombarded by the empty air./Strange, it is a huge nothing that we fear."
      • "This wizened earth has never troubled us/With hay, so, as you see, there are no stacks/Or stooks that can be lost"
      • "you can listen to the thing you fear/Forgetting that it pummels your house too"


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