Storm Hazards

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  • Storm Hazards
    • Conditions required
      • An oceanic location with sea temperatures over 27'c
      • An ocean depth of more than 70m
      • A location 5' north or south of the equator - so that the Coriolis force brings about maximum rotation
    • Impacts
      • Storm intensity
      • Speed of movement
      • Distance from the sea
      • Preparation of the community
      • Warnings and community response
      • Coastal flooding
      • Damage to roofing or complete structure failure
      • Damaged vehicles
      • Roads blocked by debris and fallen trees, hampering aid
    • Prediction
      • The National Hurricane Center in Florida can access date from satellites.
      • Weather aircraft maintain round-the-clock surveillance of storms that have the potential to become hurricanes.
      • Cyclones have an erratic path and are difficult to give warnings for.
    • Prevention
      • Natural hazards cannot be prevented.
    • Protection
      • Drills can be practiced and people can be evacuated.
      • Homes and businesses can be strengthened to withstand high winds.
      • Land use planning can make sure certain buildings and developments are built in risky areas.
      • Sea walls and breakwaters can used to protect coasts.
    • Preparation
      • Insurance incase of damages.
      • Having an understanding of the aid available for help.


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