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    • packed red cells
      • red blood cells seperated, when its needed its diluted with isotonic salt and sugar solution
      • use in blood transfusions for anaemic people or to replace rbc in childbirth
    • plasma
      • all blood cells are removed
      • used when not enough clotting factors are being produced
    • leuco-depleted blood
      • blood with as many leucocytes removed as possible
      • mainly used for people having repeated blood transfusiobs to minimise the risk of an immune response
    • Whole Blood
      • contains everything in blood
      • rearly used, unless severe blood loss
    • platletes
      • everything removed except platekets
      • used for people with bone marrow failure or people with anaemia
    • clotting factors
      • clotting factors removed from blood plasma
      • used for people with clotting problems eg haemophilia


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