Stop and Search under PACE 1984

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  • Stop and Search under PACE 1984
    • Section 1
      • in a public place - street, care park, garden (if they dont live there) and vehicle.
      • Reasonable Grounds - suspecting that the person is in possesion of stolen goods or the vehicle contains stolen goods of prohibited articles
      • Osman V DPP (1999) - stopped by police officers who didnt give their name or station, which was help to be unlawful.
    • Section 2
      • Police can only ask to remove = Jacket, Outercoat and Gloves, in public.
      • If a thorough search is needed it must be out of public view or in the police van.
      • Misuse Drugs Act (1971) and Terrorism Act (2000)
    • Problems
      • Overuse of power - metropolitan police in London 40% under PACE
      • Black people are seven times more likey to be searched than white people.
      • Over 1,200,000 S&S recorded. Under PACE.
      • Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994
    • Code A
      • Guidance


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