Stompin' at the Savoy by Benny Goodman

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  • Stompin' At The Savoy by Benny Goodman (1934)
    • Melody = 32 bar song form. Four 8 bar phrases. AABA pattern.
    • First Chorus
      • First Chorus: Melody in low register unison saxes over regular crotchets in rhythm section
      • Muted trumpets enter on 3rd beat of each even numbered bar - saxes hold long note
      • Saxes change chord in anticipation of the next downbeat to emphasise swing rhythm
      • B phrase is similar with slightly more active trumpets
    • 'A'
      • Features an initial motif. Both have similar contours and both are pentatonic fragments. Played on saxes.
      • First section repeats with changed lead. Seperating indi. phrases is a cadence approach on muted brass.
    • Second Chorus
      • Saxes lead - melody now reduced to 2 notes each phrase - more elaborate response from trumpets.
      • Some attractive dynamic standing
      • Goodman plays clarinet solo for B section over sax accomp.
    • 'B'
      • Another short figure repeated
        • Shows chromatic movement
    • Third Chorus
      • Trombone solo over sax layer - more energy and colour from rhythm section
      • Tenor sax takes solo for B phrase before trombone returns
        • More flamboyant and in a higher register
    • 'A2'
      • Main motif is developed a little whilst the rhythm section is constant
      • Traditional 'call and response'
      • Drive of the music never ceases
    • Fourth Chorus
      • Feel-good key change up a semi-tone
      • Some chord substitution
      • 2nd Clarinet solo in B section and he ends to piece with 2 notes


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