Stolypin repression and reform

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  • Stolypin repression and reform
    • the tsars chief minister - Peter Stolypin  he had to bring stability and control (political) and used ruthless political repression
    • government officials murdered in terrorist attacks as peasants unrest continued
    • stolypin met terror with terror
      • 1144 death sentences in 6 months
      • ceased publication of 1000s of newspapers and closed trade unions
      • restoration of law and order
    • reformer??
      • he was aware social and economic reform was necessary
      • wanted to modernise Russian agriculture to produce higher yields and create a more prosperous class of peasant
      • 1906 - freed peasants from control of communes
      • encouraged moves to underdeveloped agriculture areas of Siberia with the incentive of cheap land  financed by loans
      • 50% of peasants had ownership over their land by 1915
      • agriculture production rose but was disrupted by ww1
      • no change to working and living conditions
      • industrial unrest - Lena Godfield massacre in 1912 in Siberia in which strikers were killed by police


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