stoke on trent

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  • stoke-on-trent
    • location
      • Staffordshire,Engaland
      • Together with neighbouring bouroughs of Newcastle under lyme and staffordshire morlands it is part of north staffordshire
    • size
      • An area of 36 square miles
      • 93 km
    • population
      • In 2016 the population was 261 302
      • it is made up of 6 citys in 1910
    • name
      • its name from Stoke-Upon-Trent
      • This is where the main centre of goverment and the pricipal railway staion in the district were located
      • indutries
        • Formely a primaily industrial conurbation,it is noe a centre for service industries and distribution
    • comercial centres
      • the main comercial centre is Hanley the othe four are Burlem,Tunstall,Longton and Fenton
    • pottrey
      • stoke on trent is known as the potteries
      • with the local residents kniown as piters


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