Characteristics of STM and LTM

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  • STM and LTM characteristics
    • STM
      • Information is encoded acoustically. Conrad (1966) found that letters which sounded the same are confused therefore material is registered acoustically
      • Capacity is 7+/-2 Jacobs found the ps could only recite 5-9 items meaning STM has limited capacity
        • factors affecting capacity are; reading aloud,rhythmic grouping and word length
      • duration is 15-30 seconds. Peterson and Peterson found that trigrams we 90% lost within 18seconds
        • factors affecting: intention to recall and word length 3 letters words were more likely to stick in the memory
    • LTM
      • info is encoded semantically. Baddeley (1966) found that words meaning the same are confused implying material is registered by meaning
      • the capacity is probably infinite or material is ejected for more to be entered
      • the duration that info can last is from the onset of language Bahrick (1975) ps after 50 years could match name and pictures from their high school year book
        • factors affecting: Depth of the learning and the pattern of the learning. also cues increase learning


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