Stimuli based on "To a Daughter"

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  • Stimuli based on "To a Daughter"
    • Title: Caged Butterfly
    • Who
      • Fear
        • the daughter of Hatred - she suffers from physical/verbal abuse from him and wishes to be free one day.
      • Love
        • the daughter of Giving - is a spoil, snob brat and receives "too much love" from him. However, Giving is hardly around due to his job.
      • Hatred
        • Father of Fear - habours hatred towards his own daughter due to his wife dying during giving birth to Fear. Suffered from a heart attack.
      • Giving
        • extremely committed to his work and doesn't spend enough time with his daughter and therefore often feels guilty, so he spoils her.
    • Where
      • Chicago
      • Torn down, worn down old flat.
      • A well-kept, empty house which lacks personal décor.
      • Funeral / Graveyard
      • Hospital
      • Convenience store where Fear works
    • When
      • Early 1990's - the events during evening, midday and late afternoon
    • What
      • Two very different families and two problematic different lives, portrayed back-to-back. A poor family of low social class suffer a downfall due to the death whereas a wealthy family of high social class struggles to find time for each other
    • Why
      • Fear on the other hand is afraid of being abused by her father, so she is finally "set free" when he dies - just like a butterfly when it escapes from its cage (title: Caged Butterfly).
      • Hatred blames Fear for his wife's death, therefore he abuses her and becomes uncontrollable (an alcoholic, unemployed)
      • Since Love is adopted by Giving, he feels as if he needs to keep his daughter happy as he yearns to be a great father by working longer to earn more. This backfires as his work gets in the way of their relationship as he isn't able to spend enough time with Love. This causes Love to be attention seeking and spoilt when she just wants to spend more time with her Father.
    • Props
      • Black cloth: cover corpse of Hatred, can also be a blanket for Hatred. Black to symbolise and foreshadows death.
      • Music box: for the dream scene to represent Fear's desire for a happy childhood - would be in between Love and Giving when they hold hands.
      • Newspaper for Giving when he returns home to distract him from Love
      • Box of brochures for the convenience store
      • Report card belonging to Fear
    • Costume
      • Fear: Baggy jeans, loose plain grey t-shirt and a colourful hairband.
      • Love: White frilly, flouncy dress with a white blazer and over-the-top accessories to reflect her wealth and naivety.
      • Giving: A pinstriped suit with an expensive coat and a shiny watch to reflect wealth.
      • Hatred: Clothing gets neater as it backtracks to suggest how he has become uncontrollable. Stained t-shirt, loose belt, sagging brown trousers.
    • Lighting
      • Red gel coloured lighting for scenes with Hatred and Fear
      • Floodlights for funeral scene and motifs
      • Fresnal lighting for birth/adoption scene so audience focuses on two main characters
      • Straw lighting for Love and Giving scenes
      • Dream scene: dim at first, gets brighter as scene progresses
      • Hug/slap scene has blue coloured gel
    • Staging: Proscenium-arch with an apron


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