Stereotyping, prejudice and discrimination

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  • Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination
    • Stereotyping: Process of applying a set of generalised ideas about others due to a certain characterisitc
      • Williams and Best: Sex stereotyping 30 countries. 300 characteristics.
      • Rubin et al: Describe babies after 24 hours
    • Prejudice
      • Barrett and Short: 216 5 to 10 english kids opinions of other countries
    • Discrimination
      • Authoritarian personality
        • Adorno: personality and prejudice. F scale
    • Reducing
      • Sherif: cooperation on tasks
      • Aronson: jigsaw method. black and white. texas
      • Elliot: class 9 year olds blue eye brown eye
      • Harwood: children and grandparents. regular contact
    • Between groups
      • Sherif: 22 boys robbers cave
      • Levine: football fans


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