Stereotypes - Dyer

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  • Dyer said...
    • theory - diversity of groups/people are reduced to few limited characteristics
    • those with power stereotype less powerful
      • stereotypes categorize different groups + place them in hierarchy (most powerful + dominant at top)
        • stereotypes of non-white, racial, women, gay, working class = easier to identify then white, male, middle class, heterosexual.
    • stereotyping exaggerates differences - creates conflict
    • media reinforces stereotypes by repetitive presentation
      • media does not create stereotypes
      • some films, like Mean Girls, look at pos + neg effects of stereotypes, but may be seen as reinforcing them
    • stereotyping = way to impose order on diversity by oversimplifying traits
    • stereotyping quickly conveys info to understand character
    • selecting certain values + assumptions helps construct audiences perceptions of world
    • identities can be constructed + communicated by stereotypes


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