International Relations

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  • Steps to war 1938-9
    • March 1939
      • Hitler occupies rest of Czechoslovakia
      • Britain guarantees Poland's independence
    • Austria, March 1938
      • Austrians discover Nazi takeover plot
      • Schushnigg agrees to include Nazis in Austrian government, but also calls plebiscite
      • Hitler demands plebiscite is called off
      • Austria invaded 12 March 138
      • Plebiscite in April confirms Anschluss
    • Czecholslovakia, September-October 1938
      • Crisis over Sudeten Germans
      • Chamberlain flies to Germany three times to try to negotiate settlement
      • Munich Conference gives Hitler immediate occupation of Sudetenland
    • Poland
      • Hitler demands Danzig and Polish Corridor
      • Britain and France fail to agree with Soviet Union on defence of Poland
      • Nazi-Soviet Pact means Poland cannot be defended. Germany and USSR agree to partition Poland
      • German invasion of Poland on 1 September 1939 forces Britain and France to declare war


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