Stem Cells

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  • Stem Cells
    • Embryonic Stem Cells
      • Differentiation is the process by which a cell change to become specialised for it's job
      • Animal cells, differentiation is lost at an early stage. Plant cells- don't ever lose this ability
      • Some cells are undifferentiated- develop into different types of cells- STEM CELLS
      • Found in early human embryos
      • Adults have stem cells- found in bone marrow , but aren't as versatile
    • Curing diseases
      • Blood disease (eg. sickle cell anaemia)- bone marrow transplants
      • Heart disease- beating heart muscles
      • Diabetes- insulin producing cells
      • One specific type- control differentiation by changing the environment they grow in
    • Opinions
      • For
        • People who are suffering are more important than the lives of embryos
        • Unwanted ones from fertility clinics are used- weren't for research, probably destroyed
      • Against
        • Potential human life
        • Doctors and researchers should concentrate on finding other sources


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