Stem cells

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  • Stem Cells
    • Unspecialised cells
    • Found in the human embryo and in adult bone marrow.
      • Layers of cells in the embryo differentiate into all the cells the body needs
        • Embryonic stem cells can be used to grow new tissues and organs for transplants.
          • Embryonic stem cells are take from spare embryos from IVF ior from the umbilical cored of new babies
            • People disagree with this because the embryos cannot give consent to being tested on. Also they are destroying potential life.
              • In IVF the embryos are screened and only healthy embryos are implanted into the mother. The ones carrying faulty genes are destroyed.
      • Stem cells in the bone marrow can change into other types of cells
        • This can be useful in some disorders such as leukaemia
    • Change into different body cells. They differentiate.


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